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Some people find that, as a same-sex couple, they sometimes face difficulty in discussing a decision to adopt a child. You may face judgment and ignorance. However, all the studies done have shown that the sex of the parents has no effect on the well-being of the child, and that children raised by same-sex parents are as well-adjusted as those raised by heterosexual couples. There are so many children in the world in desperate need of a loving home, and, with the help of a qualified attorney, you can provide your home to that child.

Same-sex adoption laws continue to change every day, affected by lawsuits, growing awareness, more and more enlightened legislation. In Indiana, there is no ban in effect on same-sex adoption and as a result, LGBT individuals may adopt children. LGBT couples jointly adopting a child is a different matter, and one in which you will need the help of Indiana LGBT domestic and international adoption attorney Barbara J. Baird.

Domestic Adoptions

For many couples, their desire is to adopt a child from the United States. Many LGBT couples choose to become certified as foster parents and look to adopt a child through Indiana's state foster care system. This can be a difficult process if you don't have a skilled and experienced Indiana adoption attorney on hand to navigate the complex bureaucracy, especially as a same-sex couple. She can help you get through this process as painlessly as possible, allowing you to focus on the joy of bringing a child into your life.

Registration of International Adoptions

Many couples decide to turn to international adoptions to grow their family. Usually, when a child is adopted from a foreign country, the adoption proceedings are all handled there. When parents return to Indiana they do not realize the importance of registering the adoption in the Indiana courts, which must happen in order to make the adoption official and legal in the state. The foreign adoption decree is entered in the Indiana court system, and the court issues an order enforcing the adoption decree. With this Indiana adoption decree, the Indiana State Board of Health will issue a birth certificate for the child. The new birth certificate will have the adoptive parent, or parents', names on it.

Most, if not all, international adoptions by LGBT couples are single parent adoptions only. In order to give parental rights to the non-adoptive domestic partner, an Indiana second parent adoption is necessary. Attorney Barbara Baird has years of experience in helping LGBT couples to complete their foreign adoption with a second parent domestic adoption, and this can usually be accomplished at the same time as registration of the international adoption.

Barbara J. Baird will assist you with this crucial registration and finalization of the foreign-granted adoptions in Indiana, so that you can be sure that all is well-taken care of, and legally recognized. Contact her at her Indianapolis office today at 317-637-2345 to begin the process now.


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