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I help LGBT couples and individuals protect their assets and relationships.

Domestic Partnership, Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships and Gay and Lesbian Issues

The rights and challenges of non-traditional families and Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) individuals have been at the forefront of American debate for years. Unfortunately, the rhetoric only adds to the noise and confusion.

This much is clear: Gay and lesbian couples and families now have the right to marry across the United States. According to the U. S. General Accounting Office, there are more than one thousand federal protections, benefits, and responsibilities available to couples through marriage, which are now extended to both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

Although gay and lesbian couples now enjoy equal rights under the law regarding marriage, there still remains a lack of clarity in the application of those rights. Many LGBT families find themselves with questions of what protections; benefits and responsibilities come with marriage and whether they still need to create life-planning documents.

That's where I can help.

I'll work with you to create a personal and family protection plan that might include:

• Marriage

• Last Will and Testament

• Revocable Living Trust

• Adoptions and Second Parent Adoptions

• Guardianships for Children

• Co-Parenting Agreements

• Durable Financial Power of Attorney

• Medical Power of Attorney/Appointment of Health Care Representative

• Living Will or Advance Medical Directive

• Domestic Partnership or Property Agreement

If you are facing the dissolution of your domestic partnership, there are still many questions regarding how that dissolution will be treated now that marriage exists for LGBT couples. Many attorneys do not have the experience to address the legal issues involved in domestic partnership dissolutions.

At The Law Office of Barbara J. Baird, I offer years of legal experience and knowledge to guide you through these complex issues and difficult time.

Although marriage equality has been gained, equality of parental rights for same-sex married couples is not yet secure. If you are planning a family, I can help you secure parental rights through second parent adoption, donor insemination agreements, co-parenting agreements and guardianship.second parent adoption.

Whether you're a member of the LGBT community or a member of a non-traditional family, I'll help you understand-and accomplish-what it takes to protect your rights and care for those who matter most: your family, friends and loved ones.

Contact the Indianapolis domestic partnership attorney's office of Barbara J. Baird to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal needs. 317-637-2345.


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