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Adopting a child is the biggest decision a couple or individual can make. Whether you are an individual, husband and wife, or domestic partners, I help you work through the legal issues that are involved. At The Law Office of Barbara J. Baird, I offer years of legal experience helping people who are seeking adoption. I can answer your questions and lead you through the often complicated process of adoption.

I have a multi-practice law firm that is proud to represent people who are interested in domestic adoption services, and finalizing international adoptions. I have earned a reputation as a leading adoption attorney's office for the lesbian and gay community in Indianapolis, and throughout central Indiana.

Many couples who were unable to have families are now able to experience the joy of parenting through various forms of assisted reproduction. I have represented egg donors, sperm donors and recipients in drafting the appropriate agreements for each situation. In each case I strive to assure that legal documents are in place to secure the rights of the intended parents and child. Once the child is born, I can assist with adoption proceedings, if necessary, to secure the rights of both parents and their child.

I have earned a reputation as a leading adoption attorney's office for the lesbian and gay (LGBT) community in Indianapolis, and throughout central Indiana. I am versed in the unique legal needs of same-sex couples, and help them with important documentation for creating and protecting their new families, such as donor insemination agreements, co-parenting agreements, guardianships and adoption proceedings.

If you are considering adopting a baby or young child, you will need an experienced legal professional in your corner. I want to help you fulfill your dream.

Child And Baby Adoption Services

• Second parent and co-parent adoption

• International adoption

• Domestic adoption

• Step-parent adoptions

• Foster parent adoptions

• Donor Insemination Agreements

• Assisted Reproduction

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