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Throughout life, people will typically do all that they can to provide for and protect the ones they love. For the LGBT community, however, some of these matters can be more difficult to deal with in a legal setting. Having an Indiana attorney who is experienced in LGBT matters is crucial in protecting your rights and assets. Because the estate administration process can be complicated by ineffective estate planning, tax obligations, and the laws governing probate administration, hiring Indiana attorney Barbara J. Baird can go a long way toward making estate planning a seamless process. Drawing on her years of practice in estate planning, elder law, and probate administration, and her interest in serving the LGBT community, Attorney Baird provides clients with the personal attention they deserve and the experienced advice they need to design creative, complete solutions to their needs.

Elder Law

Recently, elder law has emerged as a unique area of focus for many attorneys as our nation grows older. As an elder care law firm, Attorney Baird focuses on the needs of the elderly who may be LGBT or have LGBT children or family, and offers a variety of services to handle their particular needs related to planning for the future, including estate planning, special needs trusts, coordinating public benefits, and planning for incapacity.

For LGBT clients in particular, the needs of an aging spouse, partner, or parent and the management of his or her assets can be complex. Depending on whether LGBT parents have gone through the second parent adoption process and whether partners married or created a domestic partnership, a LGBT family’s needs and rights can vary significantly. It is even more critical to have an experienced attorney like Barbara Baird review how assets are titled and draw up the necessary powers of attorney, trusts, wills and other documents to ensure that assets and property are managed properly in the case of incapacity or death. We are compassionate to the families who have to deal with this, and has the experience necessary to protect your family.

In addition to offering a wide variety of estate planning services, Barbara J. Baird also works with clients to handle their needs related to business organization law, tax planning, and real estate. For an attorney with creative solutions to match your needs, contact Indiana LGBT elder law lawyer Barbara J. Baird at her office in Indianapolis at 317-637-2345 today.


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