Marriage and family are at the center of most of our lives.  Consultation with a knowledgeable attorney can protect these important institutions and help to avoid problems and conflicts down the road.


Marriage is a big decision, and while most people only think of consulting a lawyer when they are trying to dissolve a marriage, there are good reasons to seek the advice of an attorney before getting married.  Marriage and family law attorney Barbara Baird can help you understand how marriage affects your children from a prior marriage, or how the debts of your spouse-to-be might affect you, and what you can do to address these and other concerns.  Is a prenuptial or premarital agreement the best way to assure that marriage does not create unintended consequences for you and your family?  Consultation with an experienced attorney can help you decide.


If you are looking to expand your family with adoption, Barbara Baird can help you navigate the legal maze of adoption.  Or perhaps you are caring for a niece, nephew or grandchild, and need to establish legal guardianship to enroll them in school or manage their health care.  Schedule a consultation with guardianship attorney Barbara Baird to help with legal guardianship of a minor child.


Who will manage the finances of your minor children if you die unexpectedly? You should consult experienced trust attorney Barbara J. Baird to help you create a trust to manage their inheritance until they are old enough and responsible enough to handle it on their own.  You can name a responsible person or bank to act as Trustee, and keep the assets protected until the child is through college or beyond.  Otherwise, the child will have a court-appointed guardian and will get full access to their inheritance at age 18.  Attorney Barbara J. Baird can help you set up a trust and other appropriate protections for your children.  Call 317-426-9334 to set an appointment today.


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