The Indiana LGBT community faces a number of challenges that other communities potentially don't have to deal with: there is prejudice, in and out of court, and there are still many legal conundrums and gray areas.


As of 2015 same-sex marriages are recognized in Indiana and across the country. Many of the issues and questions facing LGBT people are resolved with the new ability to get married, yet this does not resolve questions of what is right for your family in particular. Many legal questions still remain.  (read more)

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

What if you die before you get around to preparing your will? You wanted to be an organ donor, but you never told anyone. You wanted to be cremated and have your ashes scattered at sea, but no one knows. You assumed your children would be taken care of with the money from your insurance policy but much of that money is eaten up by estate taxes. You wanted to provide for your sister who is struggling financially and you wanted your wedding ring to go to your daughter. Instead, your sister inherits nothing and your ring is sold at an estate sale and the profits are... (read more)

Probate and Trust Administration

Probate: even the term can carry an air of mystery and complexity. Indianapolis, Indiana Estate Planning Attorney Barbara J. Baird knows how overwhelming the process of probate can appear to those unfamiliar with it. However, it is not as confusing as it appears. Simply put, "probate" is the steps in a process of establishing a will's validity, otherwise known as the admittance of a will, in order that a will may be administered in a court proceeding. The court must determine whether or not the deceased, or decedent, had a will in place in order to begin transferring the assets... (read more)

Adoption and Family Formation

Adopting a child is the biggest decision a couple or individual can make. Whether you are an individual, husband and wife, or domestic partners, I can help you work through the many legal issues that are involved. (read more)


Marriage and Family Law

Marriage and family are at the center of most of our lives.  Consultation with a knowledgeable attorney can protect these important institutions and help to avoid problems and conflicts down the road.


Marriage is a big decision, and while most people only think of consulting a lawyer when they are trying to dissolve a marriage, there are good reasons to seek the advice of an attorney before getting married.

(read more)



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